Why Is My Play Store Download Pending

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Friend don't forget like share and subscribe😊#realmeXT #Stableupdate #realmeui2.0® My 2nd YouTube channel:- 👇https://youtube.com/channel/UCeAzXMWS2qem. Mar 14, 2020 The Play Store download pending issue could be caused by a VPN app as well. Since VPNs basically spoof your location, it may lead Google Play Store to think you aren’t in the country where you should be according to your device, and it can pause your downloads. If that’s the case, there really isn’t much you need to do to fix the issue. I suggest you to clear Google Play Store's app cache, it probably would solve the problem! Just follow these instructions: Open your device's Settings app. Tap Apps & notifications See all apps. Play store allows the user to download the only app at a time. 4: After successful installation of Google Play Store application APK just open it and try to install any free application on your smartphone and you will see that download pending issue has been resolved and installation of application is not stuck on downloading. Thanks everyone!!!!! After a many unsuccessful factory resets / Play Store cache deletions I can confirm that killing the Google app works. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Verizon and this fixed the issue. Here were my steps: 1) Stop current / pending downloads in Google Play Store. 2) Disable Google App. 3) Clear cache / data for Google Play Store.

Not being able to download an app or game from the Google Play Store or the download screen shows some random error message the moment we hit that download button? This is probably the most common problem faced by Android users when they find an exciting app or a game on the GooglePlay Store and get stuck with the ‘downloading’ or ‘pending’ message below the download bar. At times even after waiting for several minutes or probably hours the download screen keeps on showing the same message. Pretty annoying, right? Here are a few methods that can help users to resolve such issues related to the Google Play Store.
First things first
Before talking about the solution, there are a few things that users need to check. Google Play Store downloads only one app at a time, so in case the screen show pending check is there any other app being downloaded or updated at the moment. If yes, either wait for the download to finish or manually stop the download by heading to the My apps & games section.
Apart from this, users also need to ensure that their internet connectivity is working properly. One more thing, Google Play Store download apps and games with a bigger file size over Wi-Fi. So, make sure to uncheck the ‘Download over Wi-Fi’ option after pressing the download button.
Now, in case everything seems fine, the internet is working, you have enough space on your phone and still unable to download, then here’s what one should do.
The error is commonly known as ‘Error-20’ and to resolve the issue users need to clear the cache and re-sync their Google Account and here’s how to do it.

Open the ‘Settings’ app and tap on the ‘Applications or Apps’ option


Why Does My Play Store Say Download Pending

Google play store4.

Then, head to Accounts option and delete the Google Account


Restart the smartphone and set up the Google Account again


Now, head back to the Google Play Store and try downloading the app.


Why Is My Play Store Download Pending On Iphone

Disclaimer: This is just a workaround and there could be other problems due to which users could face such issues.

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