Proposed Vic West Park Garden

The City of Victoria has committed to redeveloping Vic West Park and has designated a section of the Park for a large community garden. The Vic West Food Security Collective (VWFSC) has been asked by the City to work with interested parties through the various stages of development. We invite you to join us.

The first step in developing the Vic West Park Community Garden is to build a “Garden Planning Team” who will, together with our community of neighbours, partners, and community organizations, bring the garden from concept to celebratory completion.

Before we turn the earth, we need to identify needs for the space, host place-making events, and develop key roles. The Garden Planning Team needs gardeners, planners, designers, carpenters, artists, organizers, and any others who have time, energy, skills and interest to bring this project into being.

The Garden Planning Team is looking for people who know the history of the land and indigenous plants; who can gather information, attend meetings, liaise with agencies; who are interested in having a plot in this new garden; who want to build community through growing and sharing food; who can visualize the proposed site for the good of the whole community; who have planning, fundraising, or project management skills; and who are educators and program facilitators. Contributions large and small are welcome.

It will take a community to create this garden and we’d love it if you’d join us now by becoming a member of the Garden Planning Team.

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