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A Fantastic H264 Player to Easily Play H264 Files Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it. Add Your H264 Videos into the Player Run the program and open Converter. Click on the “Add Files” button and add your H264 videos. Or directly drag and drop the target files into the window. H264 is a video compression standard that is being used widely for recording and distribution of any type of video content. If the video files are not compatible with certain products like the PC and DVD player, it can be converted by using an H264 converter download. H.264 player free download. Flv.js An HTML5 Flash Video (FLV) Player written in pure JavaScript without Flash. This project relies on M. The latest Windows Media Player 12 has added native support for H.264, MP4, and more other formats and codecs. Therefore, theoretically if you’re using WMP12, you can import H.264 files into WMP and play them without any hassle. Otherwise, you need to update to the most recent version, as follows: Step 1.

AVS Media Player can open pictures, and play audio and video files.

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Player h264 download for windows

Abee DVR Player is a free program that enables you to watch videos recorded by the Abee V50 DVR device.

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Alien DVR (Single Channel) Player is an application that can be used to playback multiple downloaded video clips from alienDVRs in synchronised time.

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Micro D Player is a video player for for H.264 MICRO DVR camera movies.

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Play DVD, VCD,divx,mp3,mpeg,avietc on your pc, DVD convertor,DVD Backup tools included

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I tried playing videos in movie player but only the audio could be heard.I tried playing the video with dragon player but here also only the audio could be heard.

Player h264 download pc

A message box appeared showing the following message:

Python (v2.7) requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: H.264 decoder

I tried installing the plugin but it couldn't be installed.It isn't available in the software center too.How can I get this plugin?

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Player H264 Download For Windows


In order to play H.264 encoded videos the corresponding decoder comes with the following library:

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If you want the H.264 encoder, then

will install H.264 in your system.

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I think this is part of the package gstreamer-plugins-bad. If you search for this in Software Center it should show up. It might be that you have to activate the multiverse repository (start Software & Sources and tick the appropriate box for this).

After you have installed the package, Movie Player should be able to play the file.


Hearing only audio on H.264 playback with an otherwise black video screen was reported as gstreamer1.0bug #1562875.

Luckily, this bug can easily be resolved by issuing the following command once:

This will take effect after restarting the application.

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Installing gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg from a PPA as described below solved this for me.

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H 264 Player Windows

The package that fixed it for me on 16.04 is the gstreamer plugins bad.I got a message about Python-3.5 minimal wanting to install some MPEG-4 AAC plugin, which did not do anything. To fix:In a terminal type:

If you still can't get it to work somehow, you can try VLC as a workaround, installable by:

I did not unclick the restricted software, that may work but may disable other codecs.By the way, movie player or Video is the Totem video player.

Vincent GerrisVincent Gerris

I had the same problem with playing videos. Video player wanted to download mpeg - 4 acc decoder and h.264 decoder, but this hadn`t happened due to legal reasons (-if I understand correctly what was written in the window what appears after pc was trying to download mentioned programs).

After I unclicked Software & updates -> Ubuntu software -> 'unclick' Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse) all start working again. (I mean that after this operation pc downloads what he needed and that it started working).

Andrii RozrutskyiAndrii Rozrutskyi

Player H264 Download

Following this video ( worked for me. Now, I am able to play and seek forward/backward h264 files created by my Chinese IP Camera.

To sum up:

  • Open VLC.

  • Go to: Tools/Preferences. Select Show settings: `All'

  • In Input / Codecs / Demuxers, select Demux module as h264 video demuxer. Save and restart VLC.

Now you should be able to play h264 file.

H264 Player Vlc Download


Play H264 Videos

Easiest thing you can do is Download & Install VLC layer from Ubuntu Software and enjoy your vedioenter image description hereInstall VLC player[1]: With VLC Player[2]:[3]:

Mayank verma __makMayank verma __mak

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