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PEM files are usually seen with the extensions.crt,.pem,.cer, and.key (for private keys), but you may also see them with different extensions. For example, the CA bundle file available from the download table in a certificate order has the Select Network and security in the navigation pane, and enter key pairs Select Create Key Pair Then, select the format of the file (.pem or.ppk) This will download the files automatically in their respective formats. If you are looking for an online course to learn AWS, then check out this AWS Certification Training course by Intellipaat.

Pem File Download
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I could create the key pair myKey to AWS with Terraform.


But I couldn't download the myKey.pem file. Is it possible to download the myKey.pem file with Terraform like below?

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No, it's not possible to download the myKey.pem file with Terraform. Instead, we can create the myKey.pem file which has the same private key as the key pair myKey on AWS. So the created myKey and myKey.pem file by Terraform are the same as those which we manually create and download on AWS. This is the code below. (I used Terraform v0.15.4)

Download Pem File Azure

Don't forget to make myKey.pem file only readable by you running the code below before ssh to your ec2 instance.

Otherwise the error below occurs.

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Terraform resource tls_private_key has attributes that can be exported. This is the list.

The way you would download myKey.pem using Terraform would be by exporting the attribute private_key_pem to a local file.

So in your case, it would be:

Ca.pem File Download


  1. You can't export the content of attribute private_key_pem using either of resources tls_private_key and local_file. If you really wan't to, here's how.

  2. The file myKey.pem is generated by Terraform with permissions 755. You would need to change this to 400

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