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Karaoke Builder Player 5.0 is a fast, free program for playing your CD+G and MP3+G files. Lyrics are displayed in time with the music, changing colour as the song plays - what you see in Karaoke Builder Player 5.0 is exactly what you'd see if you played the track on a CD+G machine:

Karaoke fun player download online

KaraFun Player V1. This KaraFun Player version is no longer supported. Try updating to the latest version of the KaraFun Player below. Download the latest version. Windows Required. Download KaraFun Player - A reliable and user-friendly karaoke player that supports playlists, multiple songs, dual-screen configurations and adjustable tempo. KaraFun Player is a free karaoke player that includes more than 28,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studios. You can customize the key and tempo of any song in the catalog; project an additional karaoke window to your external monitor or video projector; sync the songs that you want for offline playing, and more. You can play almost every media file with Kanto Karaoke be it KAR, MP3 or any.

  • Play CD+G (.cdg and .bin files)
  • Play MP3+G (a pair of files - .mp3 + .cdg)
  • Audio+G (.cdg paired with other audio files: .wav, .wma, .ogg, .flac, and many more)
  • Play ZIP files directly (any pair of files stored together in a .zip file)
  • Change the playback speed - slow it down if you're trying to learn a new song, or speed it up a little (or a lot!), just for fun
  • Change the key/pitch - if your voice doesn't fit the song, make the song fit your voice
  • Volume and balance controls
  • Easy to adjust settings - use the mouse wheel or a separate options window
  • Jump 10 or 60 seconds forward or back - skip intros or instrumental sections, or just quickly jump through the track
  • Track slider for the ultimate playback control - jump anywhere in the track, instantly, or scroll through the whole track in seconds
  • Totally resizeable 'stretchy' window
  • Full screen mode, or use 5 standard preset windows for 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x play
  • All CD+G functions are supported, including colour fading and scrolling - exactly what you'd see if you played your track on a karaoke CD+G machine
  • Copy still images from your CD+G tracks - quick and easy screen grabs
  • Double-click on a track in Windows Explorer to play it immediately
  • Drag-and-drop files (including ZIP files) onto the window for instant playback
  • One-key shortcuts for every option, or click with the mouse if you prefer
  • Easy to install, easy to use, and totally free of charge

Karaoke Fun Player Download Free


Karaoke Fun Player Download Windows 7

Karaoke Builder Player 5.0 is built into Karaoke Builder Studio and replaces all previous versions of our CD+G Player. Naturally, because it's free software you can install it on its own, to easily play your CD+G and MP3+G files.

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Karaoke Fun Player Download Windows

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