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The fontconverter will create a js-file with the content of the provided ttf-file as base64 encoded string and additional code for jsPDF. You just have to add this generated js-File to your project. You are then ready to go to use setFont-method in your code and write your UTF-8 encoded text. Download source files - 21.4 Kb; Client-Side and Server-Side JavaScript. This article presents a trick to reuse the same source code (JavaScript) in client-side (inside a browser) and server-side (inside IIS/ASP).

  1. Answer (1 of 2): No, there isn't a way, and it technically was never standardized. Only Chrome implemented the 'File API - Direcories and System', which allowed web apps to store files in a sandboxed directory, which can then be retrieved by the user, with any file browser.
  2. Answer (1 of 2): Generally you should not count on access to the client’s OS, which you would be doing by requesting access to edit a file on their system. Instead what you should do is store the file on the server side either in a database or on the server OS itself and then provide a view to th.

The PC downloader/installer for the Bullroarer Public Preview Client is available:
The Mac downloader/installer for the Bullroarer Public Preview Client is available:
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have upgraded your MacOS to the newest version of Catalina, the LOTRO client will not work. This includes Bullroarer. For more information please refer to this announcement MacOS Catalina Compatibility and threads in the Mac Technical Support for
Please note: Bullroarer is a Test

Javascript Client Side File Download 64-bit

server. We wipe all data from this server between tests and at other times as our testing requires.
To download The Lord of the Rings Online Live client installer please visit our website:

Web Development Server Side

Some Notes:
  • This should not overwrite your existing Bullroarer install if you install by defaults.
  • If you decide to use a custom install, please take note of where the installer wants to install the game by default before changing the path. If it is installing anywhere other than 'The Lord of the Rings Online - Public Preview' by default then please let us know!
  • This is a full installer package. If you already have a working Bullroarer client, you do not need to use this installer.

Akamai Netsession
The Akamai NetSession client allows us to quickly and reliably deliver fresh LOTRO client installations to you, and assist in the repair of missing or corrupted files in current game installations. The client utilizes Akamai’s large network of edge servers to deliver this content to you from a location which is deemed geographically closest to you, and ensures that we are able to efficiently and effectively get you what you need to play LOTRO. Although some versions of the Akamai NetSession client used by other software providers utilize Peer-to-Peer technology, we have decided not to use P2P for LOTRO. What this means is that Akamai NetSession will NOT use peer-to-peer when delivering LOTRO-related content.


Once you install the LOTRO client, or patch your game, it will be possible to uninstall Akamai NetSession from your computer, and NetSession will not reinstall unless it is necessary to deliver a deleted file or a fresh installation. Typical game updates will not require the use of Akamai NetSession.

Javascript Client Side File Downloads

Please post any feedback about the installers that you may have in this thread, and please report any bugs you encounter.

Javascript Client Side File Download Windows 10