How To Download Videos On Iphone From Safari

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Owning an Apple device is a good decision as you get to experience a great piece of technology. But, at times it may annoy you with some of its features which aren’t so user-friendly. We can’t blame the complete iOS just for not keeping some of its features ready on the go. Downloading a video from iOS safari is something that an iPhone user faces hiccups. However, it isn’t next to impossible and you actually don’t need to compromise with it. Here we detail you about how to download videos on iPhone from safari. Well, we don’t intend to just limit for safari browser alone. Check more ways and know how to download videos on iPhone from youtube as well.

How to Download Videos on iPhone from Safari:


There are many apps which allow you to download videos on iPhone. But the usage and access are limited to the app itself or the offline mode. Yet, here we assist you with the best possible method to save videos to iPhone camera roll. You actually need to install a third-party app to download videos on iPhone from safari.

  • Head to Appstore and search “Documents 6” app.
  • Download the app and install it on your iPhone.
  • Open the website URL which provides the video
  • Press the ‘Download’ button.
  • Now, edit the URL from http:// to rhttp://, and tap Go.
  • A prompt appears asking “Open this page in ‘Documents’?”, tap ‘Open’.
  • You can set the download location or the change the file name in the next screen
  • Click ‘Open’, there you are good to go to download videos on iPhone from safari.

How To Download Videos On Iphone From Safari To Windows

Using iSaveit's built-in web browser, enter the URL of the page that has the file you want to download. Once the page has loaded, just tap on the download link and select 'Download,' which will appear at the bottom of the screen. In this example, I'm downloading an MP3. Don't Miss: How to Download Social Media Videos on Your iPhone.

  • Download from pc and sync to the iPhone. I don’t think that was available on previous iOS versions. IOS would always preview the video instead of downloading the MP4 file.
  • To download videos manually, follow the procedure below. Step 1: Visit using any web browser on your computer. Step 2: Click the Photos icon on the main interface. Step 3: Select a video and click the Download icon located on the top right corner of the interface. Step 4: The video will be automatically downloaded.
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How to Download Videos on iPhone from Youtube:

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Primarily, youtube offers an offline feature to all its app users. But the main problem is you the downloaded video is limited to the app offline folder itself. This might disappoint users who wish to get the youtube video to camera roll folder. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to share the video clip to others while it is in the Youtube app. There comes the need to find the way to actually download videos on iPhone from safari web version. Here we demonstrate the steps to download youtube videos on iPhone. Again we need to employ third-party apps to get the work done. However, the above demonstrated ‘Documents’ app can do the task for us.

  • Firstly, open the Youtube app and get the video URL which you wish to download.
  • Now open the Documents app and search for Youtube video downloader page in the app browser.
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the blank box and tab Download to PC.
  • The next screen provides you an option to choose the video quality and the file type for download.
  • Choose the preferred option to get the video by clicking on the Download link.
  • You can also rename the video clip In a pop-up window, or you can either change the file location if needed.

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Though the above mentioned are just an alternative to download videos on iPhone from safari. Yet, these provide great access to save videos on iPhone from internet. However, there are a lot more iOS video downloader apps and file downloader apps available out. Essentially, any iPhone downloader apps intend to manage the storage files and make it more user-friendly.