How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes

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  1. How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes
  2. How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes App
  3. How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Using Itunes
  4. How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Using Itunes
  5. How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes Password
  6. How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes File
  7. How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes

iPhones are admired and loved by many users across the globe, but not all of them like the populous iOS application - iTunes. After the release of iOS devices, people majorly used iTunes to transfer files between iDevices and computers because there were no other alternatives. But with the advent of technology, there are other third-party applications that iPhone users can utilize to transfer data between iPhone and computer without using iTunes program.

Way 2: Transfer with iCloud. Just like iTunes, iCloud is also an iconic app when it comes to iOS devices. The app is almost as old as iTunes but unlike iTunes, iCloud is fast, reliable and provides the much needed support to the users. ICloud provides a variety of features like iCloud Backup and iCloud Media Library etc. Keep in mind, iCloud only provide 5GB of free storage and charges a. Import Photos from PC to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR. Hit on “ Photos ” tab, click Add File or Add Folder and select the video files that you would like to sync from your computer to iPhone device. Take it easy, the software never overwrites the current file already present in the device. So, it is a safe process.

Part 2: Restore iPhone backup without iTunes. You can also restore various essential files selectively from the computer or iTunes without even rescheduling the devices. It also provides a perfect solution to restore any content from an old phone to a new phone. There are two ways to restore iPhone backup. To download videos from computer to iPhone, you can take advantage of iTunes and the cloud service like Dropbox. Actually, we also s pecifically wrote an article about this topic, you can refer to this article to get more details: How to Transfer Photos and Videos from computer to iPhone iPad.

The fact that iTunes is too slow when it comes to transferring data between PC and iDevice makes people use other applications. But please don't worry, this article is here for you to solve the problem of transferring files from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

Part 1: One-click to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC without iTunes
Part 2: 7 Ways to Transfer iPhone Data

Part 1: One-click to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC without iTunes

If you want to transfer files from iDevice to computer via a single click, Coolmuster iOS Assistant is the real deal. Here are the key features of the application:

* It displays your files on the main interface after scanning them automatically.
* It facilitates a straightforward export of all types of files from iOS device to PC, Mac or iTunes as a backup.
* It supports various files such as messages, contacts, photos, music, videos, bookmarks, notes, applications, calendars, and much more.
* It enables you to import calendars, bookmarks, contacts, iTunes backups, and others from PC to iOS device.
* Simple 1-2-3 steps to export and import data on iGadgets.
* It is extensively compatible with all generations of iOS devices.

'Coolmuster iOS Assistant clones mostly the features you have in iTunes but it works faster and you have more control about what and when backup. You can manage separately the content for your device.' -- From

Managing iDevice Data as Needed via Coolmuster iOS Assistant

This application has the capability of transferring any data as listed above from your iOS device to PC. Therefore, if you need to transfer other files to the PC, please connect your iPhone to PC with USB cable and follow the following steps.

Way 1. Exporting Files from iGadget to PC

* Enter the folder that you want to export and preview its info.
* While previewing, select the files that you want to move to the PC.
* Click the 'Export' button and then select the correct output format and start the process.

Way 2. One Click to backup iDevice data to PC, Mac or iTunes

* After your iDevice being detected by the program, switch to Super Toolkit section.
* On the main interface, click the 'iTunes Backup & Restore' tab.
* Hit the 'Backup' tab and then use the drop-down menu to choose your iDevice for backup.
* Select the location where you want the backup files saved. The files can either be stored in the default location or any other location that you choose by hitting the 'Browse' option.

Check more details on how to backup iPhone to iTunes with or without iTunes >>

Video Tutorial:

Part 2: 7 Ways to Transfer iPhone Data

(1) Using iCloud Drive/Online Drive

iCloud Drive and other online drives are good programs for sharing documents across multiple iDevices. These cloud drives can be exclusively used by iDevices to store photos, videos, files, and other applications.

For instance, the iCloud Drive makes the backup and transfer of iOS files and data a straightforward operation. This drive boasts an easy user-interface that is simple for viewing and organizing info. With your files stored in iCloud Drive, you can access them easily either via your iPhone or PC.

You should note that this platform does not allow you to transfer files but enables you to access the files from various gadgets. The drive is beneficial because it allows you to share files and documents with other users as well as collaborate on various projects in real time.

Steps to follow when transferring files from iPhone to PC via iCloud Drive:

1st Step: Download iCloud Drive control panel from the official Apple iCloud website (
2nd Step: Complete the installation procedure by signing in.
3rd Step: Locate your iCloud Drive folder on your PC.
4th Step: Transfer the files to iCloud from your iPhone.

(2) Using iPhoto

Apple offers iPhoto, and users can utilize it to easily and comfortably transfer iPhone images to PC. Since it's offered by Apple Inc., it should be among the first option to consider when it comes to transferring files to PC from iDevice. This application is easy to use and provides simple steps that one can use to transfer files to PC. Here are the steps to follow when using this app:

First Step: Connect your iDevice to PC via a working USB cable. The iPhoto application will startup automatically after your device is detected by PC. Else, you can open iPhoto through application browser if it fails to startup.

Second Step: Your photos will appear on the screen after a successful connection. Select all or choose the wanted photos and hit the 'import selected' button. After the selection, you can move the files directly to your PC via the cut or copy option and then paste them on the desired location.

Tips: Also want to know how to transfer photos from computer to iPhone? Check here.

(3) Using the Preview on Mac

The preview app on Mac device is one of the most powerful yet less known applications for moving files between iOS devices and PC. Here are the steps to follow when using this method:

First Step: The first step involves making a successful connection between your iOS device and Mac system using a working USB cable. Afterward, choose to open the preview.

Second Step: Go to the 'File' section and select 'Import from iPhone device' option. A list of files will appear after doing this. Here, you can either opt to drag and drop your selected files to another location on your device or use the browse option to select the desired location.

You should note that the preview is an inbuilt functionality in Mac device, and users can access it as per their convenience.

(4)Using Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer enables users to copy their images from iOS devices to computers without using any third-party programs. Users are only required to connect their iPhones to the PC and then search for them under 'Portable devices' in Windows explorer. Here, open the 'DCIM' folder and then copy or drag and drop your pictures to the PC.

How to download videos from iphone to computer without itunes free

(5) Using Email

For those who don't want to deal with drives or download and install third-party applications, they can opt to use emails. One can use email to transfer documents by sending the required files to your email address and then log in to your email address on the PC and download the files there. This process is incredibly straightforward:

* Go to your email application on your mobile gadget and attach files, and then send them.
* Go to email on your computer and download the files.

However, one should note that there is a certain limitation on the size of the file that one can send via email.

(6) Using Dropbox

You can use Dropbox to transfer images from iPhone to a computer through LAN. This can be accomplished by installing Dropbox application on your iOS device, launch it, and then hit on the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Here, you can either select individual photos or choose them by moments and then send them to the Dropbox.

After this, download and install Dropbox on your PC and launch the Dropbox folder on your iOS device. The photos on your device will appear here, and you can transfer the images from your Dropbox to any folder on your computer.

You should note that Dropbox gives users limited storage of 2GB. However, they offer storage of 1TB at the cost of $ 9.99 monthly. Besides, the photos on your iDevice must be individually picked or chosen by moments, and not in one big batch. Also, the original structures of files are not retained, and there is the possibility of saving a duplicate photo on Dropbox as it doesn't recognize the similarity.

(7) Using Google Drive

Google Drive gives users limited storage of 15GB and enables them to transfer iPhone pictures to the computer wirelessly. Moving photos from iOS device to computer through Google Drive demands users to download and install Google Drive to iPhones from App Store. After downloading, launch the application and hit the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, then click upload and then photos and videos. Here, you can choose pictures and upload them to Google Drive.

Afterward, download and install Google drive on your computer. A folder named 'Google Drive' will be automatically created on your computer. Launch this folder to find the pictures uploaded via the phone platform. It is notable that Google Drive offers 100GB of storage at $1.99 every month.


The best method to transfer files from iPhone to computer without iTunes is Coolmuster iOS Assistant app. With just a single click, you can easily move your files between iPhones and PCs. This program is continually being developed and acquiring more and more valuable functionalities. However, you can consider using the other methods outlined above as they are equally important.

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iTunes works more than you can imagine. Factory reset is one of its functions.

However, when iTunes error occurs, and it fails to work, you have to seek for other ways of restoring iPhone to factory settings.

This page shows you 4 easy ways to factory reset iPhone without iTunes.

The full guide works on various situations, like without Apple ID or password, iPhone disabled, without computer, without iPhone, etc.

Part 1. How to reset iPhone without iTunes or Apple ID/password

If your iPhone is disabled or locked, and iTunes is not accessible for you, Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is the best solution. It is able to erase all content and settings permanently. Moreover, this iPhone reset tool is rather easy to use. The only demand is that you have connected your iPhone to computer with 'Trust'enabled.

4,000,000+ Downloads

Permanently factory reset iPhone in one click.

Clear cache data, junk files, history, apps, settings and other data.

Support three levels to you for clearing iPhone as you wish.

Work for iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, iPad, iPod, etc.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

Download, install iPhone Eraser on your computer and connect your iPhone to the computer, too. Run the program and wait for it to detect your iPhone automatically.

Step 2. Choose an erasing level option

There are three erasing levels, Low, Middle and High. The first one is to overwrite your iPhone one time, the second is two times and last one is three times. Make a decision based on your need.

Step 3. Reset iPhone without iTunes in one click

When you are ready, click 'start' to start resetting your iPhone to factory settings immediately. Then enter '0000' to confirm the erasing, and click 'Erase' button to erase all data on your iPhone.

You can also check this video tutorial to reset your iPhone without iTunes:

Part 2. How to factory reset iPhone without iTunes/iPhone via iCloud

If your iPhone is lost, and you want to restore it to factory settings to avoid data loss, just use 'Find My iPhone' via iCloud to help you.

'Find My iPhone' is able to factory reset iPhone without iTunes remotely.

The only demand is that you have turned on 'Find My iPhone' feature on iPhone and can log in your iCloud account online.

Step 1. Input in the address bar of your browser and log in your iCloud account and password (Forgot iCloud password?).

Step 2. Tap 'All Devices' and select your iPhone on the list. Then click 'Erase iPhone' on the device info screen.

Step 3. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password again to verify that you are the owner. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network and the reset process will start automatically.

Part 3. How to factory reset iPhone without iTunes or computer

Without computer or iTunes? Factory reset iPhone on iPhone directly.

Surely, you should remember your Apple ID and password.

This is the easiest method if your iPhone is still accessible.

Step 1. Turn off iTunes automatic sync and 'Find My iPhone' features. Open the 'Settings' app and navigate to 'General' > 'Reset'.

Step 2. Tap on the 'Erase All Content and Settings' option on reset screen. iOS will request you to enter your Apple ID and password to verify that you are the owner.

Step 3. When the warning message pops up, tap on 'Erase iPhone' again to trigger the hard reset process.

Then your iPhone will to set as new, and you can restore iPhone from iCloud or iTunes backup.

Part 4. How to reset disabled/locked iPhone without iTunes

The last method is very workable when your iPhone is disabled, frozen, crashed, or gets stuck in other problems.

What you need is using iOS System Recovery, which kicks out of your system-problematic iPhone to normal.

Note: You should make sure your iPhone have connected to computer successfully and trusted computer.

Besides restoring iPhone to factory settings, this software will let your jailbroken iPhone to be unjailbroken, carrier unlocked iPhone to be locked again, and update iPhone iOS version to the latest supported iOS 14/13.

4,000,000+ Downloads

Fix iPhone frozen, in DFU mode, Apple logo, headphone mode, etc.

Resset locked, disabled iPhone.

Factory reset iPhone and update iOS to iOS 13/14.

How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Pc Without Itunes

Work for iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6/5/4, iPad, iPod and more.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer

Run iOS System Recovery and connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Select 'iOS System Recovery' and select 'Start' button.

Step 2. Put iPad into Recovery/DFU mode

How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes App

In the pop-up interface, you will note that this software detects your iPhone state. Here you need to click the question mark to get you iPhone into recovery mode or DFU mode manually.

Step 3. Reset iPhone

After getting iPad into the DFU or Recovery mode, you will see you are going to the model information checking interface.

Just click the 'Back' icon and select 'Advanced Mode' and 'Confirm' button to start to download the firmware and restore your iPhone to factory settings.

How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Using Itunes

Part 5. Backup data before resetting iPhone

How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Using Itunes

This part is the pro tip before you factory reset iPhone.

As you may know that factory reset iPhone will erase all content and settings on iPhone. If you have important data, just backup iPhone firstly.

How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes Password

Back up iPhone contacts, messages, photos, music, videos and other data to computer in one click. Encrypt backup will protect your privacy to stop data disclosure. Moreover, selective backup and one-click backup are optional for you.

How To Download Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes File

Learn the details here to backup your iPhone.


How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Computer Without Itunes

Based on the tutorial above, you may understand how to reset iPhone without iTunes. Even though you do not like iTunes, there are methods to restore an iPhone to factory settings. Find My iPhone feature is able to factory reset an iPhone remotely, and you can also hard reset your device with Settings directly. Plus, when you forgot Apple ID or password, iPhone Eraser will be a good helper. Last, iOS System Recovery is the perfect companion to reset disabled or locked iPhone. Surely, before you start to reset iPhone, do not forget to backup important data on iPhone.