How To Download Imovie On Iphone 6

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Get help viewing, editing, and sharing movies on your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Learn more about iMovie with these resources. Apple's iMovie app began life as a Mac application back in 1999 and has been on the iPhone since 2010. The iMovie app is designed to be simple to use, so anyone can create something beautiful,.

iMovie is great for creating cool movies with a number of superior editing tools. However, the movie maker app has only seven pre-defined music themes. Besides, all the available music themes are too short (less than one minute) to give your long videos the needed flair. But, worry not! There are a number of sites from where you can download and add royalty free music to iMovie on your iPhone and iPad.

Once you have downloaded your favorite videos on your Mac or Windows PC, you can easily transfer them to your iOS device using iCloud Music Library or iCloud Drive. Let me show you how it works the right way!

How to Download and Add Royalty Free Music to iMovie on iPhone and iPad

How to Download Royalty Free Music from YouTube Audio Library on Mac or Windows PC

There are several sites like Shutterstock, Incompetech, ccmixter and Mobygratis from where you can download royalty free music. But I like YouTube as it’s more famous and contains a huge audio library of music.

Step #1. Launch YouTube on your computer and then click on the user icon at the top right corner.

Step #2. Now, you need to select Creator Studio.

Step #3. Next, click on Create from the menu on the left.

Step #4. Next up, search and download a cool music from the audio library.

How to Use iCloud Drive to Add Royalty-free Music to iMovie on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Go to the downloaded song on your Mac. Then, drag and drop it to iCloud Drive. (If you can’t find iCloud drive in sidebar, head over to this post.)

Step #2. Launch iMovie app on your iPhone and open the project. Then, you need to tap on Movie → Create Movie.

Or Tap on edit any existing project.

Step #3. Now, you have to tap the Add button and choose iCloud Drive.

How To Download Imovie On Iphone 6

Step #4. Next, you need to tap the audio item to add it to your project.

How to Use iCloud Music Library to Add Royalty-free Music to iMovie for iPhone and iPad

Make sure iCloud Music Library is enabled both on your Mac and your iOS device. On Mac, go to iTunes → iTunes menu → Preferences → and enable iCloud Music Library.

On your iOS device, open Settings app → Music → and enable iCloud Music Library.

Step #1. Head over to the song you have saved on your Mac. Then, open it in iTunes.

Step #2. Now, launch the Music app on your iOS device → Locate the song you have just added. Simply go to the Recently Added to find it quickly → Tap on the Download icon.

Step #3. Once it’s been downloaded, open iMovie app → tap on project button → tap on Movie → tap on Create Movie.


Or Tap on Edit any existing project.

Imovie For Mac 10.11.6

Step #4. Tap the Add button (+) and then select Audio.

Step #5. Tap on the Songs section and locate the song in question.

How To Download Imovie On Iphone 6 App

Step #6. Tap on the song to preview it, and tap on Use to insert it into your project.

How To Download Imovie For Windows

Your Take?

Now, use these tips to create sensational videos using iMovie on your iOS device!

Download Free Imovie

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