How To Download Gta 5 In Mobile From Play Store

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GTA 5 Download For Android Free. On this Extension you can download GTA 5 for Android & iOS. Grand Theft Auto V is the successor of the popular Rockstar Games series, and it's now available on your mobile phone or tablet. GTA APK DOWNLOAD ANDROID AND IOS. Grand Theft Auto is a name that almost everyone knows in the world of gaming. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Where your wildest dreams come alive. Rockstar North takes a bold approach to open-world freedom, storytelling, and mission-based gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 5. In it, you can live the digital life you’ve always wanted. Get the most money, best cars and best house that money can buy while having fun completing.

  1. How To Download Gta 5 In Mobile From Play Store Apk

Players can follow the steps given below to play GTA 5 on mobile using Steam Link: Step 1: Players would first have to download Steam Link from the Google Play Store. They can click on the link. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V’s is one of the most popular video games currently available in the market. Since its launch, back in 2013, the fanbase appears to be growing each and every year. Recently Rockstar Games confirmed that due to the popularity, they will be launching an expanded version for the next-gen console, PS5.


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Check How to download GTA 5 on PC and Phone

Since Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 was released in 2013, it has been a huge success globally. It was created by Rockstar Games and is an action-adventure multiplayer game that takes you through an extensive story of car chasing, bank looting, and much more fun. At first, GTA V / GTA 5 was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles. Since this has been released for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. GTA 5 will soon be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Along with that, you have plenty of ways to download GTA 5 for Android. Here we are going to go over all the bases with which you get the download of GTA 5 for PC, and how to download GTA 5 for Android, and more.

GTA 5 Free Download – How to Download GTA 5 for PC

It was great news for gamers around the world when GTA became available on PC. there was no need to depend on Sony or the Microsoft game store to buy the game. Instead, you can now download GTA 5 for PC using the Rockstar Games Official Store, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

How to download GTA 5 for PC with Steam

If you want to download GTA 5 using Steam, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Steam website. Download the Steam application on your PC or laptop.
  2. Register your account if you are a new user or log in if you are already registered.
  3. Search for “GTA 5” in the Steam app.
  4. Choose the version of the game that suits your budget and needs.
  5. Pay by credit or debit card or any other available way.
  6. Once payment is confirmed, click the download button to get GTA 5 on your PC or laptop.

How to download GTA 5 for PC with the Epic Games Store

If you want to download GTA 5 using Epic Games Store, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Epic Games store website. From the upper right corner, download the launcher.
  2. Log into your Epic Games account or create a new one if you don’t have one using the sign up option.
  3. In the Epic Games Launcher, search for GTA 5.
  4. Click on the buy now option, make the payment using a suitable payment option and download the game.

How to download GTA 5 on a mobile phone


Most of us know that GTA 5 is not officially available on Android. However, that does not mean that smartphone users cannot benefit from the game. If you want to play GTA 5 on your mobile phone and if you have an Xbox Game Pass or Steam account, here is how you can download GTA 5 on your mobile phone.

  1. Download the Steam Link app from the Play Store.
  2. Link Steam Link to your Steam account and connect it to your PC.
  3. Click the start play button to duplicate the interface on your mobile phone.
  4. Search for GTA 5 in the Steam library and tap the start button to start your game.

How to download GTA 5 on a mobile phone using Xbox Game Pass

In addition to Steam, GTA 5 is available on your mobile phone via Xbox Game Pass subscription. Here’s how you can play the game on your phone using this pass:

  1. Download the Xbox app from the Play Store.
  2. Sign in to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
  3. Go to the Cloud Games section.
  4. Search for GTA 5 and click on it to start your game.

Final words: How to download GTA 5 on PC and Phone

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This release comes in several variants, See available APKs

GTA 5 FOR ANDROID APK FREE DOWNLOAD FILE FULL VERSION Games It's a fact that there aren’t many action-adventure games that bring organized crime to life as well as Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5). First of all, head over to the download section below. And download GTA 5 Apk file on your phone. Install Zarchiver from Google Play Store for extracting the zip file. After the game file is downloaded completely. Open the Z Archiver, navigate to the downloads folder where you have downloaded GTA 5 data zip file. Download GTA 5 highly compressed 100MB for Android original apk + obb file: hello guys: are you looking for GTA 5 ANDROID VERSION? If that is the case, then you are in the right. GTA 5 Rock Star games is one of the best open world games ever played, but the Android version is not available yet by Rock Star Games. Gta San Gta 5 Download Apk Obb Mediafire: Gta 5 Apk Latest Game Download. Download the latest apk version of gta 5, a casual game for android. Now you will see some option, click. The game will work properly. It is time to explore real gaming experience in. Download this now for your android device from the link given below. GTA 5 Apk for Android. When you play the GTA V Android Final version, you won’t notice any significant difference from the original game of this version.The game Grand theft Auto V for Android is available in Play Store, but it is paid, here we will provide you the detailed information of the game, the Direct download link and full installation guide to install this game.

How to install APK / XAPK . file

App details

Overview information

  • Unit Priceฟรี
  • categoryAction
  • Version1.0
  • MODE DO NOT See details
  • DevelopersRockstar Games
  • ระบบ Android 5.0 +
  • Package NameGoogle Play

GTA V APK mobile or Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5).

GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Is a video game developed by Rockstar North, a Rockstar Games subsidiary.GTA V is the 15th product of the Grand Theft Auto series, the sequel to Grand Theft Auto IV, which was released on September 17, 2013. forXbox 360 and PlayStation The 3 games were also released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18, 2014, and then released on PC on April 14, 2015.GTA V is expected to release in early 2013, however due to technical issues the game. Delayed and was released in September of the same year.

Today we will talk about the mobile version of GTA 5.Please note that Rockstar confirmed that they are not releasing the mobile version of GTA 5, so the game you get from this article is not official GTA 5, it is just a sympathetic mod. Inspired by GTA 5 However, if you are a fan of this series, we think you should give it a try. We will also provide APK download link for this game, you can install and enjoy it for free. First, let us explore the new features of the game and you will see why GTA 5 has become one of the most successful video games in history.

Download GTA 5 Mobile APK- Grand Theft Auto V free

Gta 5 Apk Obb Download Latest Version

One of the most anticipated will be GTA 5 for Android, Rockstar Games said they are inexperienced and not ready to release GTA 5 on Android, however, there are still a lot of people looking forward to playing GTA V on Android devices, which Notified other developers to use. Even though it has been released for more than 4 years, GTA 5 is still a challenge for those who want to play due to its demanding configuration and high quality graphics.

Gta 5 Apk + Obb Free Download For Android Full Version

However, we can confirm that you can now play GTA 5 on Android, all you have to do isDownload GTA V APK + DataFrom the link we provided below, install and enjoy the game. GTA 5 Mobile Optimized for smartphones, the game features intuitive controls, beautiful 3D graphics, all of which make you feel like playing on your PC.

How To Download Gta 5 In Mobile From Play Store

In this article, we want to show how Download GTA 5 APK And install it, then you can get this game experience on your android smartphone, please note that the full data of the GTA 5 APK is quite large, we recommend you to download it using your pc and transfer the files to the device. Your android

Story and characters

Grand Theft Auto V is set in the background of 2013, all the milestones of the game in Los Santos, a fictional city modeled by Los Angeles. The game involves the story of three main characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips.GTA V's plot involves the previous part. The game takes place about five years after the events of Grand Theft Auto IV and four years after the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Michael is a retired professional bank robber. After making a deal with the FIB, he returned to the life of the criminal.

Nearly ten years before the GTA V incident, three close friends as desperate thieves risk stealing a bank near the US-Canada border, but on the runway, two of the three thieves have fallen. The lucky one is Trevor. Michael has two friends and colleagues, Trevor and Franklin. Trevor is a smart best friend. But has strange, erratic, and unusual habits Franklin, a young man who can drive a supercar. But not much experience in life in hell

In addition GTA V Mobile There were also many other character appearances: Michael's wife Amanda De Santa; Jimmy De Santa and Tracey De Santa - Michael's son; Lamar Davis, friend of Franklin; Ron Jacowski, Trevor's friend; And Lester Crest, the leader and 'Master' of the three characters.

The style of play of GTA 5 Mobile

Violence, drugs, robbery and racing are what you will see in GTA V Android. In addition to the tasks that you have to do to complete the storyline, the game lets you move and do anything in the city with no random mission restrictions. In the city it happens with more frequency. Sometimes your work is stealing or reconciliation to argue.

In Grand Theft Auto, it would be complete if you didn't mention cars in the game. Grand Theft Auto VIt has grown with more machines than any previous generation of GTA. The vehicle has undergone significant improvements along with adding physical effects just like in real life. With the money you earn after each mission, you can invest in certain establishments or buy stocks. Of course, since it's a high crime, you can justify the stock price, benefiting from some in-game operations. Most cars are upgradeable. However, upgrading or repairing a vehicle makes a lot of sense when you go out and find a better car. With the arsenal, you can improve accessories like ammo or silencers to aid your mission.

New features in GTA 5 APK

GTA 5 adds a few new features, one of which is ' Rockstar Editor Basically, 'Rockstar Editor' allows players to cut, edit and add effects to movies that players capture during games. After that they were able to create a complete movie. Players can set camera positions, increase or decrease 'depth of field', adjust color tones, adjust camera flight.

It is also a 'director mode', just like the name of a player can be a true 'director' when it comes to character setting. (Or in this case, 'actor'), time, night effect or weather ... 'director mode' is like a 'play-by-play' mode where the player can set up a script.

Graphics and sound

As stated, GTA 5 is not a game for low end devices. That's because of the high quality graphics it brings. The graphics quality of GTA 5 Mobile is not inferior to any blockbuster mobile game, this game also allows players to customize graphics level settings according to their device configuration. Basically, in order to make sure the games work properly, you need a device with at least 3GB of RAM.

How to download GTA 5 APK on Android

If you are a big fan of the GTA series, you can Download GTA V Mobile Then experience your Android smartphone without having to use a PC or console. We bring the file GTA 5 APK Coming to you, which allows you to install and play games on your mobile device, GTA 5 is a highly configurable game where your device requires Android 5.0 or higher with a minimum of 2GB RAM and memory. 1GB free

Here are the instructions for installing GTA 5 on Android:

  • You must firstDownload GTA 5 APK + OBBVia the link provided below If you have downloaded them on your PC, please connect your device to PC to transfer files.
  • When done, use the file manager and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the OBB extractor file, move the file to Android / OBB, if you can't find the OBB folder in the Android folder, you can create
  • Open the GTA 5 APK file for installation. Wait a moment for it to finish
  • Yes, you have already installed GTA 5 Mobile. Now open the game and have fun!

System Requirements for GTA V Android

These are the following system requirements of GTA 5 for Android that you must strictly follow before downloading this game on your Android device.

Gta 5 Obb For Android

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • 1.5 GB Ram
  • Quad Core CPU or 2 GB Dual Core Processor

Remember that GTA 5 for Android version works flawlessly on Android versions between 4.2 and 5.0.It is highly recommended to use the above mentioned Android to play GTA 5 without freezing or errors. Any

How to download and install GTA 5 for Android.

  1. Download the apk file from the download button below. Once the file has been successfully downloaded on your Android phone, open it from its location.
  2. When the apk file is found and extracted using a popular file extracting tool such as WinZip or WinRAR ...
  3. When the folder is finished extracting, move to the Android / data folder.
  4. Now install the apk and wait a few seconds until the whole process is complete.
  5. You must make sure that you have the following options enabled. The name is 'Unknown resource' from the security settings of your Android phone.

Games similar to GTA 5 on Android

We have received a lot of questions about gamer smartphones that do not meet the configuration requirements for playing GTA 5, they want to know if there are similar games to replace GTA5? The answer is yes. First, we recommend that you try out earlier versions of the GTA Series. They are officially released by Rockstar on the Play Store, usually they are paid games. Also, we have recommended these games and provided download links for free installation in the previous article. You can now try other products of the GTA series on mobile devices: GTA 3, GTA 4, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and GTA Chinatown Wars.In our opinion, the game will not be good enough to compare with GTA ( Both in terms of gameplay and graphics) but they're still really impressive and worth a try if you love the games. GTA


Additionally, several publishers have released 'GTA-like games' on the Play Store, especially where we should mention Gameloft's 2nd successive game, including Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar: New Orleans They are all inspired by GTA and bring great gaming experiences to the players both in terms of gameplay, graphics and sound.

Download Gta 5 Apk + Final Mod+obb Data Latest Version

Overall, if you are unable to play GTA 5 on your Android smartphone, there are other similar games for you to try. It also offers impressive gameplay and a host of unique features.

Important note

How To Download Gta 5 In Mobile From Play Store Apk

  • This is not an official version of GTA 5 on Android, in fact Rockstar insists that they are not producing it.
  • We will update the download link if available, please wait.