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In order to provide an excellent audio-visual experience, HD videos are more and more popular. You can find 4K videos on YouTube, Blu-ray discs from Amazon, and even HEVC via iPhone. What should be the best HD video players to enjoy the videos with the original quality?

When you need to play the online videos with a high quality, you only need to make sure a better graphic card and nice Internet environment. As for the HD videos downloaded or even Blu-ray movies, how to choose an HD video player should really be a big problem. Just check the compiled 9 HD movie players in the article to enjoy the stunning content wherever you want.

Top 8 4K Ultra HD Video Player Software for PC & Mac. How to enjoy some excellent movie episodes in 4K or 1080P? It should be an important for enthusiasts to enjoy movies in a high quality. 4K and HD video player is the recommended program to watch the movies within the original quality on Windows or Mac. Full HD Movies Harry Download XAPK (27.8 MB) Versions The XAPK (Base APK + Split APKs) File, How to Install.XAPK File? Using APKPure App to upgrade Mega HD Player Movies, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Mega HD Player Movies App Free Movies 2021 is the best app for watching high quality movie and fast.

Part 1: Best 1080P HD Movie Player for HD Videos and Blu-Ray Movies

Whether you need to play Blu-ray movies, or HD videos of any media format, Free Blu-ray Player is the best HD video player to enjoy the movies with the original quality. Moreover, you can also enjoy the movies with different screen modes and capture features.

1. Play video formats up to 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder.

2. Advanced hardware acceleration to enjoy HD video without lag.

3. Integrate a wide range of custom options and advanced tools.

4. Multiple screen modes, such as full, half, normal, double and more.

5. Capture the favorite snapshots during the playback process.

How to Play HD Videos with the Original Quality

Launch the best HD media player

Download and install the free HD video player, launch the program on your computer. If you need to play 1080P videos from Blu-ray disc, insert the disc into Blu-ray drive beforehand.

Hd Movie Player Download

Import HD video or Blu-ray movies

Click the “Open File” button to import the HD videos from your computer, or “Open Disc” button to load the 1080P Blu-ray movies from the Blu-ray disc into the program.

Playback the HD movies on computer

After that you can select the favorite audio track and subtitle. Go to “Audio” and “Video” settings to set up the best quality. Then control the playback with icons on the bottom.

Part 2: 4 Best HD Players to Enjoy 4K/1080P/HD Videos

Top 1: 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a versatile HD movie player to watch HD movies from computer, online streaming sites, DLNA & AirPlay compatible devices and receive satellite radio.

1. Compatible with 5K, 4K, 1080P, 360 HD videos, DVDs and radio.

2. Support a wide range of formats like AVI, FLV, MKV, MP4, WebM, etc.

3. Equipped with a media library to manage local media files with ease.

4. Download and stream videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

Top 2: QuickTime

QuickTime is the pre-installed free HD video player on Mac. Not only to play the high quality movies, you can also download trailer, make or edit movies or convert videos to QuickTime.

1. Play HD MOV and MP4 videos up to 1080P or 4K resolutions.

2. Lightweight and play HD videos without lagging or losing quality.

3. Compatible with full screen mode and multiple monitor setups.

4. Capture online videos and iPhone activities with screen recorder.

Top 3: SMPlayer

SMPlayer is another free HD media player for Windows 10 and earlier. It has an in-built codec for video playback on PCs, so you do not have to look for extra codec for the loaded video file.

1. Support HD videos in MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV and more others.

2. Search and download subtitle for the HD videos automatically.

3. Adjust and sync audio tracks and subtitles to remove any delay.

4. Play HD videos from YouTube with built-in YouTube live streams.

Top 4: Plex

Plex is not only a HD media player, but also a video streaming service. It brings together all the media files with a growing catalog of great web shows, news and podcasts.

1. Play HD videos, photos, music, and other media content with ease.

2. Construct playlists to manage your media files and enjoy them later.

3. Stream high quality videos from Apple, Android, Roku, Xbox, etc.

4. Compatible with the latest visual technology, including VR videos.

Part 3: 4 Best HD Players for Videos and Blu-ray Movies

Top 1: VLC Media Player

Hd Video Player Free Download

VLC Media Player is a versatile HD movie player available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices, which you can stream video, convert movies, edit files and more.

1. Integrate a wide array of video codecs including Blu-ray movies.

2. Play HD video and audio files from online videos to optical discs.

3. Convert some HD video and audio files to other file formats.

4. Offer extensive tools, such as DVD ripping, video conversion, etc.

Hd Movie Player Download

Top 2: PotPlayer

PotPlayer is more than a free multimedia HD video player for computer. It also supports Digital TV devices, Webcams, Analogs, DXVA, live broadcasts, etc.

1. Built-in video codecs for playing all HD videos and Blu-ray movies.

2. Advanced hardware acceleration like CUDA, QuickSync and DXVA.

3. Maximize the performance with advanced setting.

4. Contain a variety of tools, such as bookmark your favorite scenes.

Top 3: UMPlayer

Just double click any video file for all platforms, UMPlayer includes a long array of more than 270 codec to play audio, video, DVD discs, video files from the web address.

1. HD video player for media files, DVD discs and Blu-ray movies.

2. Automatically search and download subtitles from opensubtitles.org.

3. Repair and playback some decode damaged AVI video files.

Top 4: MPC-HC

Hd Movie Player Free Download For Windows 7

MPC-HC is the best DVB player and HD media player for non-tech savvy. It supports all common video and audio formats available for playback without advertisements or toolbars.

1. Play common and HD videos and movies with the original quality.

2. Lightweight and very simple to use on Windows 10 or earlier.

3. Custom toolbar to fit almost any need to play HD videos on PC.

4. It can also be used as DVB player or DVD players.

Part 4: FAQs of Playing 1080p HD Videos

1. Which is the best media player for 1080p movies?

From the above 1080p HD player list, Free Blu-ray Player is the best media player for free, because it supports the common 1080p HD videos and audio, but also plays the 1080p Blu-ray files for free.

Its Pro version lets you play 4K UHD movies smoothly on your computer.

2. How to play 1080p videos smoothly on VLC?

Though 1080p HD videos are not played properly on computer in VLC, this problem can be fixed by changing the settings on computer.

➤ Change the power settings

Press 'Windows + X' to find Control Panel. Click the 'Hardware and Sound' category and then select 'Power Options'. Finally select the checkbox of 'High performance'.

'High Performance' will drain your battery fast, but it plays 1080p HD videos in VLC smoothly.

➤ Toggle hardware acceleration on VLC

Play the video in VLC, right-click to select 'Tools' and find 'Preferences'. Go to the 'Input / Codecs' tab to click the 'Hardware-accelerated decoding'. Select another option or Disable it entirely.

Then you can see the lagging 1080p HD videos playback will be smooth.

3. Can you play 4k video on 1080p monitor?

Yes, you can.

But there is no visual difference, because the monitor only shows the 1080p. What's worse, the 4K video playback may be a lot slower on a 1080p HD display.

So for playing the 4K videos, you should get the 4K monitor and the 4K player.

4. Can iPhone XR play 1080p videos?


The video playback is up to 1080p high resolution on iPhone XR. It can record 1 4K UHD video at 24/30/60 fps or 1080p HD at 30/60 fps.


The article shares the top 9 best HD video players available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you are looking for the best solution to enjoy HD videos and Blu-ray movies, Free Blu-ray Player should always be the first choice.

  • Several unequaled features. This is still better than any MS player and doesn't send your information to the Borg.
  • Great Media Player but horrible Support. If anyone is looking for alternative you can try this article. it has best HD video players list. Hope someone will find it useful. techreview.shop/best-video-player-for-windows-in-2019/
  • This is good open source lightweight media player for Windows. I use it with pleasure as well as Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows (find it on sourceforge or google for it). While Media Player Classic Home Cinema: MPC-HC is lightweight player, Mp4 Video 1 Click for Windows is lightweight converter from any media format and codec to the standard and playable one by most computers, players, browsers and phones.
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