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My partner has a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Few days ago she started having issues with updating apps on Google Play.

Google play store download for pc

All the updates just get stuck on 'Download pending' and they never actually start downloading or installing. The only way we have found to temporary fix the issue is to delete Google Play's own updates so that the app goes to factory default version, but after it once again updates itself, the issue pops up again.

We have to do this every single time she wants to update her apps. Is there any permanent fix for this issue?

Sometimes if you uninstall the app and reinstall it, in that case, the associated services will reset and once the Google Play Store is updated again, you should no longer have any pending download issues. The main cause of this problem is the outdated version of the Google Play Store. Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap on Apps (or Applications) menu. Press the 3-dot menu button (in the top right probably). Tap on Reset app preferences. Confirm on the next screen by tapping on the Reset button (could be Reset apps). Hopefully, the tips shared above helps you fix the download pending message on Play Store.

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