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BBM gives you those moments together with friends and family through instant chats, voice calls, share photos, recording and many other features. Download now the official version of BBM from BlackBerry.
Chat with friends on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone:
• BBM always on and always connected – no need to open any application
• Know when your message has been received (D) and has been read (R)
• Say ‘Hello’ to BBM Voice – Free calls between contact BBM *
• Quickly share photos, files, documents, recordings, and more
• Allow the contact to see your location on a map, provided by Glympse *
• See when your contacts are replying to your message
• The emoticon for every mood and emotions so that you can make yourself
BBM helps protect your privacy. You control it:
• You choose to share their information – use BBM PIN instead of a phone number or email address thus more discreet and you always control who can contact you
• You select your contacts – Option 2 pm means you control who can message you
Chat and share with many people at once:
• Group – BBM Groups help you share pictures, lists and appointments with team members. Even you can join a group for those who have no BBM contact list of your own.
• Chat many people – offers many contacts in the same conversation.
• promote Messages – Send a message to multiple contacts at once BBM.
BBM Channels: Join the conversation revolves around what you love. *
• Create a new channel to share thoughts, ideas and passions.
• Subscribe to a channel to join the existing BBM chat with others who share your interests.
Create your own profile BBM:
• Create profiles with photo images, photos or even animation (GIF).
• Update your status to let people know what you’re doing or feeling your
Download the free BBM today.
* Note: Unused features on smartphones running Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread)

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  3. Head to the Google Play Store and download BBM (free) to your device here. Once installed, tap on the icon to start the BBM service. If you're already a BBM user and want to use your current BBID, enter your login details on the screen. If you're new to BBM or want to use a different BBID, you can register here as well. Adding Contacts.
  4. BBM for Android and iOS is now officially available to download from the App Store and Google Play. It’s the first time in its history that the popular messaging service has been brought to a third-party platform — but with services like WhatsApp and Viber already dominating cross-platform chat, is it too late?
  • BBM for PC
  • How to Download BBM for PC (Windows 7,8,10)

BBM for PC

With technologies advancing, the number of instant messaging apps available in the market are growing day by day. Nowadays, we can’t locate a smartphone without a messaging app installed, and the one that has been ruling the world of messaging apps is WhatsApp. But very few of you might be aware of the fact that BBM for PC is the most popular messenger for desktop users these days! 😛

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Yes, you heard that right! BBM for PC is the new way to use Blackberry Messenger on bigger screens, i.e., on computers, laptops, and Mac. There are many other messengers or messaging apps that are used on PC such Google Allo for PC is the latest trend we are witnessing these days! Isn’t it? 😀 You can use any app or play any game on you PC simply by installing Bluestacks on your Windows PC or Mac.

Few other apps are being used on the global level, and one among such is the dominant Blackberry Messenger. At first, it was only restricted to the Blackberry users which is why it couldn’t gain as much popularity is should, considering it’s abilities. But, later because of the high demand; BBM has been made available for the Android users on Play Store.

Features of BBM for PC

If you don’t have enough time to go through the features of BBM for PC, then just refer the below given image to know the basic features. To know the advanced features, you need to read the complete post 😛

  1. BBM is one of the best instant messaging apps without any word limit or character limit and therefore, you can send bulk messages using it.
  2. Using BBM for PC, you can share videos and images right from your hard disc storage without any compromise of the picture quality. In other words, you can always send HD pictures.
  3. BBM for Windows takes care of privacy. You can only share your information with people you want to and block the annoying ones that love to butt in.
  4. BBM also enables you to retract the chat from your backed up data and gives you an option to delete the chat entirely as well.
  5. What makes BBM for PC exclusive are the emoticons that can be used to express your moods and also the voice calling option. Using BBM, you can make a call right from your computer and also text with people in groups without straining much.
  6. As BBM consumes very small data, the charges will be minimal even when you’re roaming to make a voice call.
  7. Using BBM for Android, one can send videos that are less than 16MB for free.
  8. The BlackBerry Messenger for Windows also has a visually appealing UI which stops you from hesitating to use this app.

So this what BBM for PC can do on your computers, laptops, and Mac books as well. You can also go through Asphalt Xtreme PC game which was released recently by Game Loft. Now moving on to the procedure to download BBM for PC. So here you go!

How to Download BBM for PC (Windows 7,8,10)

Before you start the procedure, let me tell you that there are many top Android emulators by installing which you can easily install BBM on PC. But I always recommend you to go with the best emulators which are Bluestacks and Nox App. 🙂 So here’s the complete process to download BBM for Windows operating systems.

#1. To use BBM for PC, you have to initially download the official BBM app from Google Play Store and then along with that you need to install a third-party Android emulator as it can’t be directly installed on PC using a BBM PC download. Confused? Follow the steps below. 😛

#2. BlueStacks being the prominent emulator that we have known allows us to download the official apps from the PlayStore and it runs these apps on the computer by creating an Android platform. Therefore, download Bluestacks and install the genuine software from the official website.

#3. Once you have downloaded, install it according to the setup guide instructions and make it executable from the system tray menu.

#4 Launch the BlueStacks player from the menu and go to home screen and search for “BBM.” By doing this, you will get the search results as shown in below screenshot.

#5. Once you find the official app of BBM, tap on install button visible on your screen.


#6. Now the app will ask you permission whether to install the BBM for PC app in your system or not. Simply tap on accept button and leave teh rest to the emulator. 🙂

#7. Now make sure that you wait till the installation process is completed. As the app is of 27 MB in size, it might take some time to download depending on your internet connectivity. So make sure you have the best internet connectivity for faster downloads.

Google Play Store Download Bluestacks

#8. Once the download process is done, click Open button on your screen to use BBM for PC. 🙂

So this is the download process of BBM for PC. I hope that you will not find any difficulties during the installation process as I have given every minute detail above. You can download into Bluestacks with your Play Store ID to install the BlackBerry Messenger.

Make sure that you’re downloading the official version as there are many fraud apps available on the Play Store, sometimes. Even when the other apps appear similar, they are not the real BlackBerry Messengers. This version of BBM can be used as BBM for Windows 8 or BBM for Windows 7. It is also compatible to use as BBM for Windows 10 as well.

If you are not sure how to use BBM on PC after the installation process, here’s the small tutorial for the same!

Here’s How to Use BBM on PC

I personally felt that the installation process is as simple as downloading an Android app on your smartphone or tablet. Isn’t it? But since the interface of BBM for PC is a bit different, you might take some time to adjust with the messenger. So here’s how you can use it on your PC.

#1. First step is to open the app from the app menu as shown below.

#2. Once you open the app, you will be asked to enter your number, select country code to enter your phone number and create password to login in future. Once you fill all these details, just tap on create account. Else, simply tap on sign in with email address if youu don’t want to share your number. And if you already have an account, simply tap on Sign In button which is in the bottom of the screen.

#3. If you sign up with email address, you will get a confirmation link in your email and if you have used mobile number, you will get an authorization code, which you need to enter in the box as shown.

Google Play Store Download App

#4. Once you enter the authorization code, and your number is verified, you are all set to use BBM for PC on your Windows 7,8 or 10.

So this is all about how to download BBM for PC. Now let’s move on to see, how one can download BBM for Mac.

How to Download BBM for Mac?

#1. The installation procedure is same for Mac as mentioned above. However, instead of searching for the app in the BlueStacks, you can directly download the BBM APK file from the internet.

#2. After downloading, you can go to the download folder, locate the file and right click on it to open it through “BlueStacks Player.”

#3. By doing this, you will get the installation page just as mentioned above. Once the BBM is installed, create an account with your credentials like the email id, password, and name.

#4. Verify the BBM account, confirming the email and start synchronizing the contacts into it. Get a pin code which addresses you from the and start connecting to your friends using it.

Google play store app

That being said, BBM for PC is a user-friendly app which consumes low data and connects you with your friends easily even with a mediocre internet speed. Download the BBM App for PC and start using it and if you confront any issues during the installation process, approach us for further help.