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Online Audio and Video portal file downloader. Use this tool to download media files from video and audio sites (like Yahoo). This tool only downloads media from video sites without any conversion - if you want to directly convert a video from a video site to audio (such as MP3 or wav) then use one of our audio converters. How to Download Audio or Video Files From ANY Website or Browser: Transcription Tools and Tricks I'll demonstrate how to download ANY audio or video files from any website, webpage or browser using two free Google Chrome extensions.

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How To Download an Embedded Video From Any Website. Posted by Robert Hayes on February 17, 2019. Make sure your computer’s volume is turned up, or you likely won’t be able to hear the audio when you play the video back. Downloading for Specific Sites.

File downloaders and converters you can use to download mp3s are dime a dozen on the web today.

Even as I write this, I am sure you have a few tucked away in your bookmarks folder. A lot of these downloaders grab images in bulk from a webpage or they specialize in grabbing YouTube videos and converting them to MP3 audio files for your smartphone. Quite a few look like weekend projects which do not survive the test of time.

  • Download Any Video Online With YooDownload you are able to download videos from many video sites, and more than you even think. Top websites supported now are: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo,, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud (music) and more. We do not allow adult websites!
  • Rip the Video from a Website. The iTube software lets you download videos from websites directly from your browser. Open the Online tab and choose the site from the list that appears. Open the video you want to rip and click the Download button.
  • Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a totally free online application that enables you to record any audio from the computer system and microphone without any loss of quality. Even better, the audio that you are recording can be tagged with audio track information (title, artist, genre, and year) automatically.

File2HD has withstood the cycle and continues to exist. It is a vanilla tool which serves just one purpose – helping you download mp3s or any other file from a site.

That’s the first part. In the second part, File2HD gives you the option to extract the audio from a video file or convert the video file to iPhone or Windows compatible formats.

Download MP3s and Other Files With File2HD

There’s nothing complicated about the interface.

1. Go to File2HD and enter the URL of the page that has the video or mp3 audio you want to download. It can be a YouTube page or any other.

2. Set the filter for the type of file you want to download (audio, video, images, etc.). Click on Get Files.

How To Download Audio File From Any Site

3. The page refreshes to display a list of files for that specific page. If you select “All” as the filter option, the tool extracts all file-types associated with the page.

For instance, the list includes stylesheets, browser-side JavaScript files, GIF files, ad files, and more. So, it’s better to set a specific filter before you click on Get Files. As, I have done with “Movies” in the above screenshot.

Download Audio From Any Website Youtube


4. You can right click on any file and download it using Save as or the Save link as option. Save it on your desktop with the File Explorer dialog box.

5. To convert or extract the audio from a video, you can choose from three quality options that are available for most YouTube videos – Low Quality (240p), Standard Quality (360p), and HD (720p).

Download Audio From Website Mac

Click on the Convert button to go to the Online Converter option. It is in Beta so expect a few glitches now and again. Choose Extract for any audio or pick the Convert option for any compatible device.

Do You Listen Offline a Lot?

Offline listening is a default feature in the best streaming apps these days. For instance, YouTube has a feature called Smart Offline that helps you download mp3s and audio where there is no data connection. Spotify Premium allows you to keep 3,333 songs on a maximum of 3 different devices for offline listening. So, you might wonder about these little web tools and their place in today’s hyper-connected world.

You will be surprised because YouTube downloaders4 Quick Ways To Download YouTube Videos Off The Net4 Quick Ways To Download YouTube Videos Off The NetDon't have a stable connection? You can still enjoy your favorite YouTube videos in high quality and at any times. All you have to do is choose one of the tools below, choose your format...Read More continue to add to their tribe. And, extracting songs from a YouTube video remains an international pastime.

But what about you? Do you like to download mp3s and convert videos from YouTube or any other site?

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How to download youtube audio only
  1. You can use the 'MySpace Loader', too. It's working like a charme with the new MySpace version!

  2. Also, putting flash media on a removable storage device like an external hard disk or flash drive is a great way to play games at your local school or library computer where the sites you found the games on are normally blocked.

  3. For most free games on the web, if you have XP or Vista, you can download flash games and the like without even usind file2hd. Just go through your temporary internet files and copy the flash game and whatnot into a differnet directory, like the downloads folder.
    Music is still a pain, but using, you can then select many songs to download, and use file2hd for them.
    For videos, get FlashCatch. This is a free plugin to your internet browser that, as far as I know, is only available if you get it through the program store on the U3 enabled flash drives. This program will pretty much download any stearming media, and some music too!

  4. can some body tell me if the site is working my web browsers does not connect me.i try using different browser same problem

  5. I just use works great and no download is needed!



  7. Follow this Steps:
    1) Go to this URL:
    2) Click Go (Will give you trough our proxy)
    3) Enter the URL where are the files that you want to download, set the filter to audio, and click “Get Files”
    4) Then just click over the file that you want (normal click, not right clik) and you should get the file! (Otherwise a descriptive error will be showed to you

  8. Is not Work.
    Are There other Websites like :d

  9. I don't want to really download music illegally from myspace but there is a band that I was a HUGE fan of here locally and 2 of their best songe were put on myspace then removed and I found them again on aonther myspace account I have been looking ofr these songs for YEARS now and randomally found them tonight unfortunately the band broke up and I know the file for the song still exists especially where I found it on that page player but I cannot purchase since there is no option and believe me I would pay through the nose to have this gem but I cannot obtain it no matter how hard I try and sent the owner of the myspace page a couple messages but no response this is the only way I can get this song I have wanted for YEARS hopefully this site can be fixed or the person (that isn't part of the band) that has these songs will get back to me at some point in time and I can get them. Otherwise im screwed I would like to pay but these songs are so underground and rare plus likely only appealing to me that I doubt I'll ever be able to obtain them ...even legally :(

  10. im pretty sure that myspace music files don't work anymore, 3 weeks ago i could do it, but not anymore, they (myspace or file2hd) must have stopped it from happening, because file2hd could probs get into a shit load of trouble with it most likely breaking the copyright laws and that stuff. oh well =[

  11. i didnt work for me i tried to download music from myspace it always says no page found what to do?
    i want to download this song so badly
    but is not working
    can someone help me?

  12. I tried to download this game and it just did't work

    could you please help me, i really want that game
    thx a lot!

  13. The original High Quality links don't seem to work, I get a '403: Forbidden' error. I can access the Standard Quality versions, though!

Ever wonder how you could possibly record or rip a song that’s being streamed across the Internetonto your computer for free? Trying to download streaming audio directly to your computer can be quite difficult because sites usually have different security measures put in place, making it near impossible unless you’re a hacker.

However, one surefire way of recording streaming audio from any web site is to simply capture it via the sound card on your computer. Basically, there are programs that can record whatever is being played by your computer’s speakers, so if you can hear it, it can be recorded. Of course, you’ll have to listen to the entire song since the recording is live, but it’s definitely much easier than trying to download the file from the web site directly.

It’s worth noting that trying to capture or record audio streams over the Internet can violate copyright laws, so hopefully you’re only trying to record non-copyright material! Also, depending on your sound card, you may or may not be able to record computer playback Luckily, there is a way around that by using a male to male 1/8 inche audio cable, also called a loopback cable. You plug one end into the microphone jack and the other end into the headphone jack and then record.

There are a couple of free programs that you can use, though the choice is very limited. I’ll also mention a couple of shareware programs too because they have more features. Also, if you just want to record songs that you hear off the radio, I’ll mention one option for that too.


If you’ve haven’t heard of Audacity, it’s a free open-source sound editor and recorder. It’s also probably the best way to record the sound playing on your computer for free.

Basically, you have to go to Preferences and change your recording settings. As I mentioned above, the device will depend on whether your sound card supports recording computer playback. If not, you’ll have to use the cable and change the device. Sounds complicated? That’s ok, Audacity has an awesome guide on the whole thing online.

Also, by default because of software patents, Audacity cannot export a recording to MP3 file format. If you want to do this, you have to install the LAME MP3 Encoder for Audacity.

There are lots of tutorials online about recording computer output using Audacity and it’s really the best way at the end of the day.


Krut is a free program that will record audio and video to separate files, which is very convenient. The audio is recorded into WAV format, but you can always use another program to convert between audio formats. The recording quality is good and they also have a manual online that explains all the different options and features.


CamStudio is an open-source screen recorder that also lets you record the sound being played on your computer. It records out to AVI, so that means you’ll have to use some other methods to extract the audio to an MP3 file. This is a two-step process, but it’s not all that complicated. Audacity, CamStudio and Krut are three good freeware programs and I mention two more at the bottom of this post, but use them as a last resort. I explain down below.

Download Audio File From Any Site Software

Recording Internet Radio

If you listen to a lot of music online from or Spotify, etc, then there are some tools you can use to capture those songs as they play and convert them into MP3 files. First, I’ll mention some Internet radio programs that let you listen to radio stations and record them at the same time.


ScreamRadio is an older program that lets you listen to up to 4,000 Internet radio stations online for free. It also lets you record those stations as you listen to them, so you can record your favorite songs from your favorite radio stations.

Spotify Recorder

For Spotify listeners, you can try out Spotify Recorder. It takes a little work to setup, but once you have it configured, it works like advertised. It records directly from the sound card and can actually add the artist and track info too. You do not need a Spotify Premium account in order for this to work.

Paid Recording Software

In addition to the freeware, you might want to consider spending a little money if you plan on doing a lot of recording. The paid apps have more options, are more up-t0-date and are easier to setup.

Web Audio Downloader

Audio Hijack Pr

Audio Hijack Pro is the best sound recorder for Mac OS X. Not only can you record audio from iTunes, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Safari, Skype, DVD player, etc, but you can also record the system audio too. Not only that, it can record to multiple formats including AAC, MP3, and WAV. It’s got a ton of other features and costs $32. You can also download a free trial and use all the features for a short time to see if it’s worth it.

WireTap Studio

WireTap Studio is just like Audio Hijack Pro, except it a bit more expensive ($69). It also has a lot of features and can basically record anything that you hear on your PC with great sound quality.

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is the cheapest program, coming in at $19. It lets you record from a host of online music sites and has some nice features like automatically getting the artist info, automatically splitting between songs and even filtering out the ads that play before or after a song.

Download Audio From Link

Possible AdWare Freeware



If you have a spare PC or laptop laying around that is useless, old or will be reformatted in due time, then you might want to install FreeCorder on it. FreeCorder (Google it) is a convenient program to use if you’re going to be recording music that’s mostly played via the web, such as Internet radio, etc.

Website To Download Youtube Audio

However, it’s also known to have malware/spyware that gets installed with it. I have used it before and it works well for recording streaming audio, but you should only install it on a virtual machine or on a computer that you don’t care about. Do not install it on your work machine or on a computer with any important data. I personally didn’t have any issues with adware, spyware, etc, but users have definitely reported it.

It’s one way to record any sound or music off the Internet or from your computer, but the software itself is a bit sketchy.

MP3 My MP3

You can use a standalone program called MP3MyMP3 Recorder (Google it), which is also free. This is another program that seems to fit into the adware category. This program is a last resort if you couldn’t get anything I mentioned above to work. I only mention it because I have used it and it worked for me, but others have reported issues with spyware.

Like FreeCorder, this program also records whatever is being played by your computer’s speakers. However, unlike FreeCorder, this program requires that your sound NOT be muted. So if you want to record anything, it has to be playing and you have to be able to hear it yourself.

How To Download Youtube Audio Only

Also, by default, MP3MyMP3 tries to record from your microphone and not your sound card, so click on the Source button and choose Stereo Mix as the sound source. The recording quality was good and sounded just like the originals from what I could tell. Personally between the two, FreeCorder is better, but MP3MyMP3 is another alternative.

Download Audio File From Any Site

So those are pretty much all the possible ways to record audio being streamed to your computer. Mostly, it’s just a matter of capturing the output from your sound card Any questions or problems, please post a comment!