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Jawaban (1 dari 2): Ada dua cara merepost video twitter, pertama adalah langsung meretweet video tersebut dan kedua adalah tanpa retweet. Kekurangan repost dengan cara retweet adalah caption asli video akan ikut terlihat. Untuk merepost video tanpa retweet: 1. Klik tanda panah kebawah pada pos. Untuk melihat video yang telah diunduh, buka aplikasi Download Twitter Video. Di sana akan tampil semua video yang kalian unduh. Download Video Via Ponsel iOS. Aplikasi Shortcut Apple bisa kalian gunakan. Aplikasi ini dapat melakukan berbagai tugas kompleks, termasuk mengunduh video.

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How to download a Twitter video from a DM

Recently, Twitter rolled out a new design for the majority of their users. The new design features re-arranged buttons and a sidebar on the left. Also, the new design made it harder for some folks to download a video from DMs. In this post we will review a relatively simple trick that will allow you to download any video from a Twitter DM.

Twitter is a popular social network which allows posting short messages. The length of the post is only 140 280 characters, excluding links and images. Twitter is used by millions of people, including celebrities and public figures to share what's on their mind, useful information and announcements, and various personal events. Twitter supports private messaging, user mentions, emojis and hotkeys. Besides the web site, users are able to use it via a number of Twitter clients available for all major platforms.



The browser

To be able to download a video from a DM, you need a browser with Developer Tools integrated. Luckily, all modern browsers comes with such an option. I will use Google Chrome, which allows opening Developer Tools with the Ctrl + Shift + I hotkey.


Another thing we need is youtube-dl, a cross-platform command line tool that allows downloading and converting videos on the fly from various web sources, including Twitter. In fact, the list of supported services by the app is really HUGE.

Grab youtube-dl and its dependencies from HERE. If you are a Linux user, there's a great chance that you already have it available in the package repository.

The youtube-dl app is a portable tool that doesn't require installation. Just download it to a convenient location. I will place the it under C:appsyoutube-dlyoutube-dl.exe. Don't forget to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) as mentioned on the download page.


Yet another tool is required to assist youtube-dl. To merge the downloaded video fragments (Twitter splits videos into pieces for faster streaming), it needs FFmpeg. Windows builds can be obtained HERE.

I suggest you to download 32-bit static build of FFMpeg binaries. Here is the actual direct link at the moment of writing.

Extract the contents of the bin folder to the c:appsyoutube-dl folder to get all the ffmpeg windows binaries stored under the same folder.

Cara download video di twitter iphone 6

Now, let's grab some video from Twitter DMs.

To Download a Video From Direct Message on Twitter,

  1. Open a command prompt in the folder where you have youtube-dl and leave it open.
  2. Open Twitter in Google Chrome and sign-in to your account.
  3. Switch to Direct Messages and open the conversation you want to download a video from.
  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+I to open Developer Tools in Chrome and switch to the Network tab.
  5. Type .m3u8 in the Filter box.
  6. In the list below, right-click on the row in the Name column, and select Copy link address. Start from the last row (see below).
  7. Switch back to the command prompt. Type youtube-dl <past the copied link address here>.
  8. Hit the Enter key and wait. Youtube-dl will download the video and save it as MP4 to its folder (C:appsyoutube-dl in my case).
  9. Now, copy the link address for the next m3u8 entry, and download the video.
  10. Repeat the steps for other m3u8 links. This will give you all possible resolutions of the video available on Twitter.

You are done! The biggest file usually retains the highest quality available. Check out all the files and pick the one which plays best for you.

Note: From our observation, the last m3u8 link in the list points to the stream of highest quality. So, if you start with the last line, there is a chance that you will get the best video quality available directly.

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Thanks to Roman Linev for his assistance and suggestions.

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Cara Download Video Di Twitter Untuk Iphone


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Have you heard about Bilibili? If you live in China or have an interest in otaku culture, you probably have. For those of you who don’t know about Bilibili, it is a Chinese video-sharing website, and most of its videos are themed around animation, comics, and games. It also offers videos of other fields like music, dancing, science and technology, entertainment, movie, drama, fashion, etc. However, just like YouTube, the platform does not allow you to save your favorite videos for backup or offline viewing. If you need to download videos from Bilibili but don’t know what to do, here are three best ways to share with you.

Method 1. Jihosoft 4K video downloader

It’s one of the best Bilibili video downloaders available. With this tool, you can easily download Bilibili videos in 720P, 1080P, and even 4K quality. Apart from Bilibili, it can also download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other video sharing sites. Moreover, it allows you to convert videos into MP3, MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI and other formats. The best part? It lets you save the cover and subtitles of the video while downloading! Without further ado, let’s see how to use it to download videos from Bilibili:

Step 1. First of all, download and install Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader on your computer. The software is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS systems and is safe yet easy to use.

Step 2. Secondly, open the bilibili website and click on whatever video you like then copy its link address. Afterwards, run the Bilibili video downloader and click the blue button at the top of the interface to paste the copied URL into the program.

Step 3. Next, select the output quality and format from the pop-up window after the link is parsed. There are many options available, such as downloading subtitles, converting to MP3, downloading original audio, etc. After confirming, click the “Download” button below.

Step 4. The program will automatically start downloading the video. Once the download process is completed, you can directly watch the video on your computer without an internet connection.

Well, the above are the four steps to download videos from Bilibili. Now it’s time to download and Install Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader on your computer for a try. The program provides free and paid versions. The free version allows you to download five Bilibili videos per day without any cost, but the speed is limited to 1Mbps. By upgrading to the Pro version, you can enjoy all features without any restrictions, such as downloading a full playlist, converting video to audio (mp3/m4a), etc.

Cara Download Video Di Twitter Iphone

Method 2. VideoFK downloader

VideoFK is an online Bilibili video downloader. Using it, you can download Bilibili videos online and save them in HD quality. It also supports grabbing videos from other popular websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Weibo, Vimeo, Twitter, Naver, etc. If are someone who feels installing an application to download the favorite video is a hassle, then you’ll probably like this one. It does not require any software installation, all you need to do is paste the video link to the related box,the following are the specific introduction:

Cara Download Video Di Twitter Iphone X

  • Step 1. Go to the Bilibili website, click on whatever video you like, and copy its link address.
  • Step 2. Google VideoFK downloader and open its website. Then paste the copied URL into the required box and click search.
  • Step 3. The video will be up on the site. Click on the video. After clicking the video, it will start playing. You will see the option for download. Click on that button, and you are pretty much done.

The downside with this downloader is that you won’t get to select the format or quality for the video. There is also an option of login download, which allows you to select the quality. But if you want that option, you’ll have to sign up and log in to the website. If you don’t want any of that, then you will have to download with the given quality.

Method 3. TubeOffline

This is another online video downloader that you can use for downloading bilibili videos. TubeOffline is pretty similar to VideoFK downloader as you need no installation for its use. It allows you to download the video in various formats such as MP4, FLV, AVI, WMV, MP3, and more. The downloader is simple to use, here are the specific steps:

  • Step 1. Google TubeOffline downloader and open its website.Then click on Bilibili under the list given under alphabet B.
  • Step 2. Now open the Bilibili website, find the video that you want to download, then play the video or right-click on it to copy its link address.
  • Step 3. Go back to the TubeOffline website, paste the video URL into the link box, then tap “Get Video”. A new page will be opened with the download option. Click on the Download button to save the video.

The problem with the TubeOffline video downloader is that you can only download video with quality up to 320p. If you want more than that you’ll have to use something else. But given the fact that it is completely free, you can’t complain.

Which One Should You Go For?

By reaching this line, you have learned three best ways to download videos from Bilibili. If you have no idea which one should go for, here are some suggestions: If you want to download Bilibili video in 720p, 1080p, 4K or higher quality, Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader will perfectly suit your needs; If you are willing to compromise on the video quality, you can opt for VideoFK and TubeOffline video downloader. These two downloaders are pretty similar, as they both need no installation.

Cara Download Video Di Twitter Iphone X

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