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Free my ideal command would be
start /wait /d '%TEMP%' AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe /s /v/qb
but this only waits for the netopsystem file extraction to finish. when that is done the 'start /wait' is over and any script with the above line continues in *parallel* to the setup spawned by the netopsystem file extraction.
since i have not seen anyone else comment on this and needing to allow the install to complete before patches can be applied i thought i would share my scheme. i go for a multiple step setup as below:
%PACKAGEROOT% is where i keep my archives of packages
careful of linewraps in this post
: --------------------------------------------------
: copy install file locally
set EXTRACTED=%TEMP%inst.ar7
copy %PACKAGEROOT%AdobeReaderAdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe' %TEMP%
: extract install files
start /wait /d '%TEMP%' AdbeRdr70_enu_full.exe /s -nos_nd -nos_ne -nos_o'%EXTRACTED%'
: run installer
cd /d '%EXTRACTED%'
start /wait setup.exe /w /s /v'/qb'
: reg hacks
regedit /s '%CUSTOMROOT%adobeAdobeReader7.reg
: apply patches
start /wait %PACKAGEROOT%AdobeReaderAcro-Reader_701_Update.exe /s /v'/qb!'
: --------------------------------------------------
Setup Type: unspecified
Deployment Difficulty: unspecified

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