Community Food Garden Volunteering!

Volunteer help is needed! If you enjoy having a local community food forest and orchard in the neighbourhood of Vic West, your help is needed to give back and help with maintenance! There are many benefits to volunteering in the gardens, including getting to know all the plants better, and tasting the berries as they ripen. You can gain and practice skills in horticulture, permaculture and community building!

The Vic West Food Security Collective needs help in all kinds of ways… from weeding, watering, spreading leaf mulch, making signs and posters, and getting the word out to attract more volunteers. These gardens belong to the community, but need more people involved in their stewardship! Please send a message to to let us know you want to help!

Drop by the gardens on Thursday afternoons and evenings anytime between 1-7pm to lend a hand.

Invite some friends and family and make it even more fun!20180609_143113_resized20180609_142825_resized20180609_143025_resized20180607_10340920180609_142836_resized.jpg

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