Community Gathering in Vic West Park

Gathering posterOn Saturday afternoon from 1-3pm, the Vic West Food Security Collective is hosting a community information gathering on the site of the recently proposed Community Garden in Vic West Park.  The City of Victoria is redeveloping the park and has designated an area of the park for a large community garden. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will be sharing the City’s plan for the site as well as a design by UVic’s Permaculture Design students.  The Permaculture students developed a plan for the site which is intended as a model only.  As part of their coursework, the plan includes information about the physical site such as prevailing winds, soil conditions, water flows and drainage. Their proposed plan includes (but is not limited to) allotment garden plots, a food forest, gathering spaces, quiet alcoves, composting systems, tool sheds, and outdoor cooking facilities.  The students have graciously allowed the Food Security Collective to share their findings and their design and we, in turn, are offering it to the public as an example of how the space might be used. We will share both sample site plans at the information gathering on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

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