What’s Growing On?

Purple Sprouting BroccoliMarch 5th

Spring veggies are coming up in the garden now. Purple Sprouting Broccoli is a cold-hardy biennial plant that produces sweet, purple flowering shoots in the late winter and early spring – in Victoria this means February and March. The plants grow crowns with multiple small side-shoots for many weeks. If you planted Purple Sprouting Broccoli last fall, it’ll be coming into season now. The lovely purple tips are a colourful addition to any salad and are tasty sauteed as a side dish. For an extra flavour boost to your sautee, add a splash of hazelnut oil and top with crushed and toasted hazelnuts.

“What’s Growing On” is a regular new feature to showcase the variety of veggies, herbs and fruit as they come into season with recipe ideas and/or tips on use. Get in touch if you have something in your garden you’d like to share.

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