Fresh air, new growth emerging … ah, springtime

first crocus

Ah, these past few days have been lovely.   After the blustery winds and miserably snowy rain of last week,  the sun has returned and the earth is warming up.  Colour is bursting forth everywhere.  I found these crocus peeking up in Banfield Commons.

miner's lettuce

And in the Rayn or Shine Community Garden all these marvelous plants are springing forth, pushing up the soil and reaching for the sun.  The Miner’s Lettuce in Brenda’s bed is sheltered against a planter and doing very well.

lacinato kaleSome crops didn’t make it through this winter’s several heavy frosts, but the Lacinto Kale survived in Virginia’s bed, and my Purple Sprouting Broccoli is starting to develop little purple heads.  Hurray!
purple sprouting broccoli

The rhubarb leaves are beginning to unfurl as they burst out of the cold earth.  The Bright Lights Chard in Kim’s bed, which had withered in the winter’s frost, have suddenly revived themselves and are reaching for the light.  bright lights chard


Each day now I go into the garden to see what’s up and what’s new.  You can almost watch the plants grow.   Every day delights.

submitted by Ava

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