Grow a Row


Grow A Row Victoria

  • Grow a Row is a community of gardeners, businesses, groups and individuals gathering together to help those in need.
  • Grow an extra row of food in your garden and bring it to one of the drop off locations around town where it will be distributed to food lunch programs, community kitchens, food banks and Our Place to name a few.
  • Support food justice and security in your own backyard!

Grow A Row currently has four goals:

 1. Cultivate a Caring Community: join together gardeners, those who wish they could garden, neighbourhoods and businesses in support of the Grow a Row project.
2. Share the Veggie Wealth: excess food from backyard gardens, balcony boxes and community gardens to be delivered to those who could really use some home-grown food.
3. Unite Existing Initiatives: work with our community partners to create awareness of what is already being done and continuing to be done to further the first two goals.
4. Food Justice: through community support and awareness balance health, environmental and social concerns to promote access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food for all.
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Grow A Row Victoria West

Grow a Row in Victoria West and deliver your produce to the Victoria West Community Association on Mondays before 4:00pm for donation to SAFFE Monday Night group dinners at the Burnside Gorge Community Association.

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