GaR onions

Victoria West Grow-a-Row Program

The Grow-a-Row program is up and running for the 2013 season.

If you have extra produce you’d like to share with those in need here’s how to do it:

1. Grow an extra row or bed or plot of produce for those in need.

2. Harvest your produce and deliver it to the Victoria West Community Centre on Mondays before 6:00PM.

3. Produce will be delivered to charitable food programs.

You can register your row or plot with the Grow-a-Row program at:  Registering your row helps keep track of the growers and the produce.

Thanks for all you grow and contribute to the Grow-a-Row Program.

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1 Response to Grow-a-Row

  1. bill ashwell---(fairfield) says:

    anybody out there wanting to use my garden to plant your own?

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