Are You Unknowingly Supporting the “M” word?

The bane of all organic farmers, Monsanto is a giant corporation that modifies life forms and patents them. It sells the seed to farmers all over the world, with grossly inflated promises of yield,  and then farmers must buy seed again the following year because it can’t legally be saved in the traditional way. That would break the patent law.
In India,  this cost increase is directly responsible for more than 200,000 farmer suicides  and a massive change in local farming culture.

Closer to home Monsanto is suing farmers for saving their seed and planting again the next year, or even if the seed contaminates the farmers field passively.

Most recently, the US passed what is now known as the Monsanto Protection Act, which means that health concerns arising from the planting of GMO crops won’t be heard by a judge.

Monsanto would have complete immunity from federal courts when it comes to their ability to act against any new Monsanto GMO crops that are suspected to be endangering the public or the environment.

On their to-do list is the patenting of common vegetables, the ones we grow in our back yards. If they succeed, it means you would be breaking the law by growing tomatoes, cucumbers or anything else that shows up in your salad.


















More info:

Navdanya article on creating food insecurity

Mother Jones the Monsanto soybean case in the US

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