Grow A Row Program

grow a row

Plant a Row – Grow a Row began in 1986 in Winnipeg as a national initiative and has grown to include programs in over 85 communities across Canada. The premise is simple – plant an extra row of vegetables to give to those in need!

The Grow A Row project in Victoria connects the passion for increasing the health of our local food systems with concerns about poverty and homelessness in our communities. The Grow A Row project is a community movement that increases food security, helps build skills in organic gardening and sustainable living, and joins gardeners with community advocates who work for food justice. Grow A Row is more than charity—we are building the capacity to support and feed our own communities.

This year Grow A Row continues to encourage gardeners (experienced or beginner) to commit to donating an extra row of produce from their gardens. Gardeners will have access to convenient weekly drop-off locations where staff and volunteers will weigh all the fruit and vegetables and give it to local transition centres such as the Our Place Society, community kitchens, and food banks. Last year, Grow a Row received more than 1600 kgs of donated food from gardeners and farmers in and around Victoria. We hope to continue growing the program by promoting a hands-on approach to addressing local food security issues while increasing access to affordable, healthy food.

The Grow A Row project is a great way to connect with other gardeners, share skills and stories, and make a difference in our community. We are always looking for new volunteers. If you are a gardener (or want to be), or if you have other amazing skills to share, please get in touch!  You can sign up, view drop-off locations and times, and learn more about the program at

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