Two Trees in One: Grafting your Way to Fruit Diversity

whip and tongue grafting

whip and tongue grafting

Michael Cowan from Edibella Organic Landscapes shared his botanical enthusiasm in a recent grafting workshop presented to Vic West Urban Farmers.

We as participants learned which breeds of apple rootstock grow tall and which are dwarf, compatible species to graft, and that a scion gets grafted onto root stock.

Michael then pulled out his grafting knife and expertly whittled two branches (for demo purposes) down to the crucial cambium where they were then joined and taped together, allowing them to hopefully grow. He showed us three types of grafting and when to do each:  whip and tongue, bud and cleft grafting.

whip and tongue grafting in progress

whip and tongue grafting in progress

We had a little more trouble making cuts, they were rougher than Michael’s, and we kept accidentally poking each other with our branches–that’s how lost we were in our grafting practice.
But the next time we do it will be perfect! Having the hands-on time was great.
Thanks Michael!

Posted by Louise.

bud grafting

bud grafting

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