Three hens a-laying!

Ok, so it’s not quite Christmas yet, and I think it was actually six geese, but still. These are exciting times on McCaskill Street, since three of the five birds in the co-op coop in Janet’s yard started laying November 15th.

It seems like only, uh, six months ago that these beautiful hens hatched in a grade one classroom. They spent the first few weeks of their wee fluffy lives in the Walsh living room, and eventually found their permanent digs at the coop in Janet’s yard. Warren built said coop with help from Jack (and young Iain). Then Lori made it beautiful; a true co-op coop. And now…well, now Warren has to hurry up and finish the nesting box! (Regardless, one clever chicken layed her egg right in the nesting box; another was found on the coop floor, and the third in the yard).

Janet has provided us with the baby pictures. Couldn’t you just… eat them up? Birth weights: 34 grams,  50 grams, and, unfortunately one broke before it could be weighed. Janet has been gathering three eggs a day pretty much ever since that first momentous morning, and they are distributed between the coop partners. It’s a good thing because Iain, who is nearly seven, loves his fresh egg omelette for breakfast every morning – but he always remembers to say “thank you chickens!”

Beautiful fresh eggs. There really is no substitute. Thank you chickens!

Pictures of the ladies themselves will follow in a near future post but for now, enjoy these lovelies:

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