Setting the Table for Community Dinners

Set the Table Potluck Poster 2011

First Community Dinner Poster for “Set the Table”, March 2011. Everyone brought plates, bowls and cutlery to stock the community centre for future dinners.

Following several conversations where the words “community dinners” kept cropping up,
Jane, Patti and I got together over a glass of wine and spontaneously agreed to host one.

The first Vic West Community Potluck Dinner was held on March 6th, 2011, and was planned around the theme of “set the table”.  We asked community members to bring a dish of food to share for the potluck, and any extra dishes or cutlery to help stock the Community Centre’s kitchen for future dinners and other events.I don’t remember how many people we set up for that evening, but I do remember that we put on tablecloths and decorated the tables with greenery and stones and candles.  Then we waited.  To our delight about 40 people came – young and old, singles and families, adults and children – all carrying warm dishes of food, and stacks of plates!

The Community Potluck Dinners are now held about every 2 months and are generally organized around a theme such as Solstice, Earth Day or Autumn Harvest.  Our main objective is that of community building and our motto is “creating community through sharing meals”.  As well as enjoying the company of our neighbours over a lovely meal, we offer pre-dinner craft activities or games for the children, and invite musicians to bring their instruments and play for us after dinner.

The Vic West Community Potluck Dinners are hosted by a small group of volunteers, organized under the Vic West Food Security Collective, which is in turn a project of the Victoria West Community Association.  The dinners are financially supported through a grant from the VWCA and through donations which keep us in supply of coffee and other refreshments as well as craft materials.

We look forward with pleasure to seeing you at one of our next Community Potluck Dinners.   Ava P. Christl, Co-ordinator

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