About Orchards

Vic West has three community gardens – Rayn or Shine Garden, Banfield Commons and VW Community Tea Garden. A fourth garden is planned for Bridges Park in Railyards. There is one community orchard – Evans Orchard – and two more at design stage – Hereward Park Community Orchard and Banfield Park Community Orchard. If you would like to help grow any of these gardens please contact vicwestgarden@yahoo.ca

Vic West Community Orchards Update
January 2013

appples on a treeThe Vic West Community Association – Food Security Collective (FSC) has created two great community building opportunities, in the form of planning two community orchards in Vic West: Hereward Park Orchard and Banfield Park Orchard. Orchard Design Photos

In September the VWCA Food Security Collective and partner TransitionVictoria Captial Nut Project won a contest with Southern Vancouver Island Permablitz to design a permaculture community orchard/food forest in Hereward Park. Two community design events in October identified the current park use and collected ideas on enhancing and increasing food production that will complement the use. Once the design is completed in January, the team can begin the search for funding and the application process with the City to implement.

Banfield Park Orchard

In November the VWCA Food Security Collective partnered with the City to operate a pilot program to introduce and test a community orchard model in City parks. The 2012 Victoria Official Community Plan identifies the City’s commitment to expanding food production in public places. The 10 tree organic orchard will transform the green space between the tennis courts and Craigflower Road to an engaging Place that will encourage community participation. The community will design, plant and maintain the trees and harvest the fruit. The City will purchase the trees, install irrigation and mow the lawn. Planting should occur in February or early March.

See more on the City of Victoria’s Community Orchard Pilot Project.



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