About Community Kitchens

We’re jammin’ now!

Community Kitchens are community based projects where people come together to plan and prepare food together.

Community Kitchens might include jam and jelly making, pickling and preserving, drying and dehydrating, fermentation and freezing.  A Community Kitchen might also include sessions on food gathering and harvesting, especially in neighbourhoods where there are fruit and nut tress, berry bushes and other edible plants.  Community Kitchens can be developed in a number of ways:  from a group of friends cooking and eating together to facilitated cooking sessions.  Community Kitchens are typically facilitated by someone with cooking and food safe training to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

At the core of all Community Kitchens is a focus on inclusivity and community engagement.  Community Kitchens build community through providing the opportunity for friendships to develop; by enhancing people’s skills through shared learning; by developing and strengthening relationships to local farmers, growers and other food sources;  by combatting social isolation through inclusivity;  and by encouraging people to become aware of and take control of their food systems.  Community Kitchens offer the opportunity to share skills, socialize, learn new recipes, gain food production experience, reduce food costs, and to learn about food security in your neighbourhood.



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