Vic West Urban Wild Food Walk

Katie teaching about wild plants

Katie leading the plant identification talk

On March 15th and again on April 12th, the  Collective hosted a wild food foraging walk and gourmet wild food buffet dinner to learn about  the urban edibles right in our ‘hood.

We began with a plant identification walk and finished with a wild foods tasting meal.  Katie led us around the park pointing out, and pulling out, various plants including plantain, hairy cat’s ear (which I wrote in my notebook as “harry”) sheep’s sorrel and stinging nettles.  We touched and tasted, scribbled in our books and asked a lot of questions.  We made our way back to the Center where we were delighted to find an amazing meal spread out for us featuring wild greens salad, wild green greek pies, dandelion pesto, kimchi, wild yogurt cheese, grand fir custard, nettle cakes, and plum blossom truffles.  The meal, provided by Gather Victoria ( looked and tasted delicious.  A lovely day all around.

Ava's delicious dinner

Ava’s delicious dinner


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