A Note For Egg-nablers

chickenThe Vic West Correggtions Department has recently received numerous incident reports involving inmate violence. An errant jailbird has been leading a group of offenders into trouble. The disturbances began in the yard of a McCaskill Street facility where Correggtions Officers witnessed several instances of assault towards one particular victim. The violence included pecking and preventing the victim from reaching water fountains or the cafeteria. The group then went on a wholesale laying strike, although that is to be eggspected this time of year.

The eggstreme nature of the circumstances, however, called for an appropriate coreggtive action. Correggtions Officers have placed the insteggator into seggreggation. With the insteggator removed from the population, the remaining inmates have gradually allowed the victim to reinteggrate and grow back a few feathers. It is believed that the incidents began when the victim molted all her feathers at once, revealing her actual diminutive size.

Unfortunately, until a sleeping unit can be devised in the segg unit, all inmates must sleep in a common facility, which allows the insteggator to further traumatize the victim.

Seggreggation of the victim is never considered in these circumstances as it only leads to greater violence from the perpetrators when the victim is reintroduced to the pecking order. Meanwhile the laying strike continues.

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